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"Never deny a human a dream, a home, a plate of food, a chance to create...."

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Walking Angels Publications is the umbrella name for the creative works of Author/Artist Monique Douglass. With a goal to preserve literature through the Creative Arts, Douglass uses her natural abilities for writing and the arts to bring a constant flow of stories and visionary art to the universe. Her first self-published work, From Ghetto to Glory, in which 1000 copies were printed was sold by Douglass door to door in Washington State.  She took the earnings from the 900 copies to help get her to Book Expo America and used the last 100 to display at her booth. There her first work was picked up by a mid-size publishing house. Later she sold the movie rights to Barnett Bain, who help produce the movie: What Dreams May Come, that featured Robin Williams (May he rest in peace).  Douglass' second book: Chambers, The Forbidden Doors of a Mind Split, is a self-published work, available through Amazon Books. It is book two of the From Ghetto to Glory set. 

She is currently working on Gemini II; Book Two in the Historical Fiction series: Child With A Veil. 

       "Storytelling...It's what I do." -Monique Douglass  

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"Never deny a human, a dream, a home, a plate of food, a chance to create."


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